Ask the Lord of the harvest AND …..

The Meek 7 sharing our meal & stories, giving glory to God.

The Meek 7 sharing our meal & stories, giving glory to God for leading us in the harvest field

Ask the Lord of the Harvest and HE DELIVERED!!!

Hello. It's me again.

2 weeks ago, 14 of us went out to City Square/Komtar JBCC in two's to testify about our faith. We came back happy that though we did not reap, we managed to sow and water 27 souls. We praised God that He gave us the ability to conquer our fears, hang-ups and weaknesses. Read here.

Last week, 9 of us went out to CS/Komtar in two's and three and this time we managed to talk to 10 souls. One young man prayed the Sinner's Prayer and another brother re-dedicated himself. You can read about it here. Truly, when we asked, God answered. Amen.

This morning, "only" 7 of us went out, again to CS/Komtar.

Let me bring you back to last night's sermon 'God is in the Business of Transformation' by Pastor Chee Seng, with the text primarily from Romans 12: 1-2. Pr CS 3 points were that (1) our Christian journey of faith is being constantly changed by God (2) our changed lives compel us to preach the Gospel and (3) our salvation and redemption compels us to serve HIM by doing good works. We let Jesus be the centre of our lives.

Allow me to bring you a bit further back to our church camp in June where Rev Tony Phang preached about our Living Sacrifice, again from Romans 12:1. There is a cost. We need to leave behind our comfort zone. God notices truthful sacrifices and He always responds to a sacrifice. Read about it here.

Before we left church this morning, we worshiped our Father and prayed fervently that He would lead us to the harvest field.

My friends, we managed to share our faith and/or testimony with 18 souls, out of which 4 souls prayed the Sinner's Prayer and 1 soul re-dedicated himself. We met people who were lost, down, harassed and helpless. 10 took away the 4 Spiritual Laws booklet. We helped them, we challenged them, we pointed them to The Way. Truly, it is all to God's Glory. Amen.

Who did we meet? We met workers, the sick, the old, students, free-thinkers, shoppers, brothers you used to know the Lord, people who heard about the Gospel a long time ago, etc. They are the ones that our Jesus had compassion on and they need the love of God in their lives. One of the saved souls stayed very near by to JBBC! The harvest is truly plentiful!

There is plenty more work to do in following up. Will you help us in taking care of our new brothers and sisters, should they choose to join us at JBBC.

May I be so bold as to challenge you, new, young and old Christians? Challenge you to just believe that our Lord wants us to not just learn more about our faith but to also take action on it, and that is to go out to 'make disciples of all nations'.

God doesn't use the mighty, the numerous or the gifted ones. He uses the meek, the remnants and the available ones.

You can do it too! Will you join us to save souls? The Joy of the LORD will be your strength (Nehemiah 8:10)


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