The Savvy Christian Blog Workshop

My friends.

Our bruder James Bong will be conducting "The Savvy Christian Blog Workshop" on how to manage, maintain and administer a Blog/Website and Facebook Page. This is in relation to our new Website and Facebook Page, which was set up by James and Chian Ho.

Last year we budgeted RM3,000 to engage a web designer but since James and Chian Ho collaborated on it, they have come up with something that all JBBCians can be proud of at literally no cost to JBBC. I would like to say that the Hand of God was definitely on them. A round of applause for them!

So, this is a Heads Up to you all, whether in JBBC or in other churches: if you want to know more about how to manage, maintain and administer a Blog/Website and Facebook Page, lock-in your diary for Tuesday night, 8:00 pm, 10th May 2016 at JBBC. The workshop will take up only 2 hours of your time, but the knowledge and experience will be invaluable and be with you for life!


So hurry! Hurry! Hurry! Unlimited seats available. You can check with James, Chian Ho or myself if you want to know more about this workshop.

This kind of workshop, if it were ever to be presented in the corporate world, would cost $$$. There is such a thing as FREE in God's Kingdom you know.

To be more effective, you only need to come with your notebook or use your smartphone or tablet. We will try to accommodate everyone with our limited JBBC wifi.

If you're nice, James may also share with you tips on how to set up your own Blog and Facebook Page. To God be the Glory! 🙂

We Are Safe

As they are some who are concerned with with the security of our website, we have taken the necessary steps to enhance the security and at the same time we also have submitted our website to other anti-virus company for evaluation.

Attached is the report from Norton anti-virus company certifying that our website is safe.


We wish you

To all our brothers, sisters, friends and visitors to the Johor Bahru Baptist Church,

We wish you a very blessed Lunar New Year and may the Creator of heaven and earth turn His Face towards you and give you His Blessings in every endeavour you carry out in the Name of our Lord.

Remember CHIRL, CHistian Influence through Radiant Lives.