Our Brother ‘Iron Man’ Thomas & Jenny’s brother Yee Kok Leong

Hello everybody.

Today and every time you set apart your quiet time to pray, please include our brother 'Iron Man' Thomas Tan, sister Lulu and sister Jenny's brother, Yee Kok Leong in your prayers.

Prayer # 1:

As you may know, Thomas underwent his cataract operation on his left eye recently and is recovering well.

What happened was that unknown to him, Lulu and the ophthalmologist, he was suffering from glaucoma to his right eye and by coincidence, while recovering from the cataract operation to his left eye, his right eye began to act up.

He was suffering from throbbing headache, nausea, loss of appetite, etc. In other words, our Iron Man Thomas was feeling lembek not long after his cataract operation. He was advised by his tennis kaki's to see the ophtalmologist but he sucked up his stomach, blew his harmonica and said no need. Finally yesterday, Iron Man Thomas couldn't tahan anymore and asked to be taken to see doctor, which was today.

Had a shock when the 'migraine' turned out to be a full-blown glaucoma and if he had tahan another 3 days, he could have gone blind. It was that serious!

Long story to short, his right eye was 'lasered' on and he's now recuperating from his epic battle with that evil G. Pray that the medication and course of treatment would be right for him so that he can see clearly with both eyes soon.

Prayer #2:

As you also know, sister Jenny's brother is in ICU at the Sultan Ibrahim GH and is in critical condition. He is undergoing his 2nd brain operation. Nothing much we can do but to intercede for our sister Jenny and brother Tang Poh Wang, that our loving, healing Father, the Great Physician, will be compassionate and gracious to bring healing to his brain and body, that the doctors, nurses and professional medical experts will be given the necessary skill and ability to carry out a successful operation. His life is in God's Hand and we pray that our Almighty God will hear our prayers and will add many more years to his life.

Father, you said in Scriptures that you have engraved us on the palms of your hands (Isaiah 49:16). Thank you LORD for your loving hands and thank you for hearing our prayers. Amen.


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