God, I Am Coming Home!

JBBC has successfully held an evangelistic meeting on 27-8-2017 at church from 5.00- 6.30 pm.We want to thank God for  the good weather and a very overwhelming respond with many new visitors and friends.


It was a bilingual service. We began the meeting with a warm welcome to a the visitors and friends and followed by a brief introduction of Pastor Bryant Teo as the speaker of the night.
We started the service in worship in songs and a presentation by English Conversation Class cum Mandarin Bible study Class.


Afterwhich Pastor Bryant Teo shared with us his  powerful testimony .He came from a rich family and with christian background. He was quite mischievous thought he followed his grandfather to church .At the age of 14  he left home because of some misunderstanding with his father.He loitered in town,suffer hunger without food for days and sheltered at the street corner.He shared how he later got involved with the secret society and began consuming alcohol and drug.He began to work with them and soon he expanded his involvement  and became to trade and manufacture drug for more profit. After he got married ,he wanted to stop the vice-business for the sake of his 2 year old daughter.He tried very hard to quit but each time he failed because of the stronghold of satanic bondage. As a result he suffered depression and hallucination .He sought for the medical help and psychiatrist. When all these did not help he event attempted suicide.

By the grace of God ,he ended in a rehabilitation centre at a church.It was through the resurrection power of Jesus that saved him by His word in II Cor. 5:17 He read through the Holy Bible 3 time while he stayed in the rehabilitation centre. Eventually he was healed and returned home to reunion with his family. Just as the prodigal son is reconciled to his father God restored his relationship with his father and blessed his family life abundantly.He gave his life to God and serving the Lord full-time now.


Pastor Bryant Teo gave a altar call and many responded with a show of hands to be prayed for.The meeting ended with a dinner and a DC parent is led to accept Christ by sis. Swee Lee during fellowship.


To God be the glory and heaven rejoice because of unity,the love and faithfulness of God's people in JBBC. May God continues to bless JBBC.


Reported by
Daniel Leong
Mission and Evangelism
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