Iron Man’s help mate in hospital

Hi Prayer Warriors.

Please keep auntie Lulu in your prayers for her right eye. She is Iron Man Thomas' help mate and dear wife.

Let us all ask our Jesus to do what he did to heal the blind man's eyes by touching auntie Lulu. Read Mark 8: 22 - 25 and remember her in your prayers.

Auntie Lulu had a serious corneal abrasion of her right eye. The pus has been removed from her eye and she is recovering but apparently needs to be in hospital for 2 weeks to recuperate. She is warded at the Sultan Ismail GH in Pandan, 8th floor 8B Bed 21.

Pray for uncle Thomas as he looks after auntie Lulu and travels up and down from their home in Larkin to Pandan.

Father, into your Loving Hands we commit auntie Lulu and uncle Thomas to keep them safe and in your strong arms.



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