JBBC Easter Celebration 2016 – Thomas Tan Harmonica Presentation

Thomas Tan confessed that he was not musically inclined. Thus learning to play harmonica was not an easy task for him. However, he trusted in the creative God who can perform a miracle in his life by "create new things out of nothing" (Rom. 4:17 NLT). Through God's help and personal practices, Thomas Tan eventually acquired the skill to play harmonica. It is truly the GIFT of God that he can serve Him all these years playing harmonica for Him. GLORY TO GOD.

JBBC English Conversational Class – Easter 2016 Presentation

新山浸信会2016 复活节 ― 英语会话班呈献“我要永永远远爱着耶稣”。这一群姐妹们不单学英语会话,更为主耶稣献上赞美的果子。荣耀归主。

JBBC English Conversation Class (ECC) presented a song titled "I Just Want to Love Jesus Forevermore". These senior citizens have a zeal to learn conversational English and at the same time they offer "sacrifices of praise to God" (Heb. 13:15). Surely God has accepted their sacrifices. GLORY TO GOD.

JBBC Chinese New Year Celebration 2016

The Johor Bahru Baptist Church has a tradition of celebrating the Chinese Lunar New Year every year by connecting with friends and relatives so that the good news can be shared with them. It is a time of joy, feasting, and yet a time to remember and celebrate God's Goodness in the Spring of our lives ...


Our apology for some grammatical errors:
1. Guess! How many peanuts (not peanut) are in this bottle?

2. Guess! How many red beans (not bean) are in this bottle?

3. Prize (price) giving moment

4. Narration @ 2.25 minute - should narrate as "use of the word Chinese" instead of "use the character of the word Chinese"


Christmas 2015

Christmas has been the celebration time for the community of Johor Bahru Baptist Church for the past years. Traditionally it is a day of "reunion" as we see many friends will join us in the celebration.

For Christmas 2015, people took the opportunity to snap memorable photo with long parted friends. Any celebration without time of feasting would be incomplete. Buffet lunch was provided as a tradition.

For this year, presentations were carried by the youth, discoverer's club and English conversational class. All glory to God.