The harvest is plentiful but …

Hello everybody.

We went out from church as scared sheep (well, at least most of us) and came back as roaring lions (at least some of us)! The harvest is indeed plentiful.

In Matthew 9: 37, 38 the Lord had compassion on the crowds when he saw that they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd (verse 36). He then said to his disciples the classic prayer, "The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field."

You see, my friends, sometimes we make the mistake of coercing members to serve when God actually says in Matthew 9: 37, 38 that we ought to pray for Him to thrust forth labourers. It's as if we could substitute God's ways by coercing God's people to serve Him in God's harvest field. God does not need unhappy, disgruntled workers, but obedient workers willing to be sent out for the harassed and helpless sheep.

Earlier this morning at 10 am, 14 of us gathered in church to respond to our Jesus, pray and seek God's favour as we prepared to go out into God's harvest field. Just for the record, the 14 were: Daniel & Shirley Leong, James & Shirley Bong, Agnes and Rebecca Tan, Nelly Parrett, Felicia Lai, Fern Tang, Tan Keng Chong, Alex Fong, Yin Fong, Sean and yours truly.


We enthusiastically shared our experiences.

We split into 7 pairs, each pair to work together. When one shares, the other prays, just like Batman and Robin (Yalo, when Batman wacks the baddie, Robin prays for the baddie's repentance). The harvest field was either Komtar JBCC or City Square and we left church around 11 am.

Our job description was to share the love of Christ. The intention was to sow, reap or water. The objective was to manifest our zeal for and obedience to the Lord.

All of us came back to church by 1:10 pm. We did it! We obeyed and we did sow and water. We did not reap, but we knew we had done our job. All in all, we shared and/or prayed for 27 souls!

We had a case when we met a Hindu priest and managed to share with him about Jesus' love and that Jesus, the Son of God, is the bridge to heaven. We prayed for him, that he will one day come to know how high and how wide and how great is the love of that one true God that he himself believes in.

I now urge YOU, my fellow brothers and sisters of JBBC, take some part in our Evangelism Month. Tell the Lord that you would like to act on your compassion and love for the harassed and helpless sheep. ASK that the Lord of the harvest will send you as His Worker into His harvest field.

Now I know that some of you feel that going out into a busy shopping complex on  a Sunday morning and just randomly meeting people, then quickly share, does not cut it in today's society. That we ought to make friends first, get to know the sheep before springing on them the gospel.

I couldn't agree more with you ..... if I use my head knowledge. Our job is to share, leave some tracks, pray for anyone who would like to be prayed. Along the way, if there is a lost soul that God has sent to us, by divine appointment, then we will praise God that He has allowed us to reap what was probably sowed by someone some time ago.

You see, my friends, the truth is this: our BOSS is not like your boss, always demanding results. No sales, no pay, or less pay, then out you go! No, our BOSS is a gentle and humble boss and he only wants you to have love and compassion for the harassed and helpless. He wants you to take  every opportunity to share your faith and the gospel. He wants your beauty to shine like in Romans 10: 15, "How beautiful are the feet of those who bring the good news!"

We're having another opportunity next Sunday. Want to give it a go? Let Daniel Leong know. Or come and surprise us at 10 am, Sunday 17-Jul-16.


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