The Workers are few AND ….

Hello everybody, again!

It's the 3rd week of our evangelism month. Yes, the workers are few and yet by divine appointment, the team had the privilege of leading 2 souls to pray the Sinner's Prayer! All glory to God who answered our prayers.

There were only 9 of us and to be honest, most of us admitted that we would have preferred to do something else on a Sunday morning. Before we left for City Square/Komtar JBCC, we prayed, asking that God would give us success, that the Holy Spirit would give us Power and that our Jesus would give us the right attitude to shine for him.

This round, we went out in 4 groups of 2s or 3s and we managed to sit (or stand) with 10 souls, sowing, watering and reaping!

Out of these 10 souls, one young man from Skudai prayed the Sinner's Prayer, another lost Christian brother re-dedicated himself by praying the Sinner's Prayer and 2 young girls (students) read through the 4 Spiritual Laws, asked questions but were not ready. They did however agree that we can follow up with them. What is there to say, except that God lead us to them and they to us.

Our Lord, on the night he was betrayed told his disciples that he would be leaving them (John 13: 33). The disciples were troubled but Jesus comforted them. Read John 14. Then Jesus told them about the Power of Believers in John 14: 12, "I tell you the truth, anyone who has faith in me will do what I have been doing. He will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father."

My friends. Jesus has gone to be at the right hand of the Father but he did not leave the disciples OR leave us to fend for ourselves. He left the Holy Spirit and it is that POWER of the Holy Spirit that works in us to accomplish God's Purpose. What's more - our Lord himself said that we will do even greater things that what he had been doing 2,000 years ago! Wow! What comfort!

For those of you still troubled over your "inadequacy" in sharing your faith, I urge you to not let THAT trouble you. Not when the Jesus whom you committed your lives to said it to YOU, that YOU will do even greater things than what Jesus did! Don't ask me what that would be, just believe by faith. Boleh?

Still not too late to join us in sharing your faith with the harassed and helpless. Next week 24th July 2016, 10 am, meet at God's House, pray, then go out in 2s or 3s to sow, water and reap. Amen!